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A Bar, with a hurricane in the bacground

same bar looking the other way

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Malecon with Guadalupe Church in the background

On the way to Tepic

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The border of  Nayarit(state) and Jalisco

same border

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View from the mountains


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A church in one of the little towns

Ceboruco volcano fields in the background

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Pyramids of Nahuatl at Ixtlan Del Rio, Nayarit

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Mescal plants in the foreground

Maguey plants being harvested (looks like pineapple)
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Mural about the progression of Tequila through the mind

Forbidden picture of a mural inside of a Tequila distillery

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Robert Flores & Ms. (on tour bus)

from "Divers Cove" in California

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Sunset cruise ship, Princess Yalapa (not the big one)

from the ship, of the land

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Our hotel is in the center just past the pier

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QV046.jpg (15018 bytes)

Playa de los Muertas

This is the beach