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Maui! from the air

Time to start the vacation

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the roots grow from the tree down

roots in the air

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more vacationing

On the road to Hana

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Black sand beach in Hana

The Eye

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on the coast there are sights like this!!!

Eddie at the Luau

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O J at the Luau

Looks like my wife enjoys Hawaiian!!!!

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Most of us are here!

Eddie, have some fun!!!!!!!

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The parrots are tame here in Lahaina

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A sunset cruise off the coast of Kaanapali

Sunset cruise

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friends on the sunset cruise


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The Big Cheese!!

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Pineapple plantation

Love Birds

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On the road to Hana

Off the road to Hana

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Who is Jessica? (at Whaler's Village)

On the road to Hana

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The moon is FULL!!!!!